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  • The Hydro Track provides Buoyancy during a Work-Out or a Therapy session!

  • The Buoyancy of the Heated Water and the cushioning of the specially designed Skid-Plate/Belt system provide a Low-Impact Therapy session.

  • The Hydro-static pressure and the Resistance of the water with Belt Speeds of up to 7 Miles Per Hour provides the highest level of work out in a Low-Impact environment!

  • The Hydro Track has been in use in various hospitals and physical therapy locations around the word for over 20 years.


 The Hydro Track


  • The Foyer Entry System allows for a rapid patient entry/exit for reduced down time. The Foyer also allows for a variable water height during treatments.

  • Variable speed, reversible, treadmill ranging from .2 mph to 7 mph (.5 kph to 10 kph).

  • Digital display panel includes Belt Speed, Distance, and Belt Run Time.

  • Clear “Plexi” doors and viewing window.

  • Dual-speed Jets Pump to vary the intensity of the treatment.

  • Moveable control panel for convenient operation.

  • Includes water filtration and heating, on a timer for evening maintenance.