Hydro Track Features

The Hydro Track’s powerful Jets pump on High!  The pump also has a Low setting for less intense training.
This feature can be used without running the belt, for warm up and/or cool down.
The Jet action is shown with “Air Control Valve” open for 2 seconds… otherwise it would cloud the window with bubbles!

You can reverse the belt with the option of “facing” backwards for many combinations!


You can walk backwards as well as reversing the belt. The Jet action makes a difference!

Vary your workout, or target specific muscle groups!

Carioca in water!

If you are using the Jets, you’ll want to face each direction for an equal work out!

You can even “Carioca” exercise in the Hydro Track.

Not easy to master.
For starters, you can hold on to the hand rails until you get good at it!